You’ve probably come across my YouTube video which showcases the new manual siren system. If you’ve had my mods before, you’d remember that I had a manual siren system;running on ‘Page Up’, ‘Page Down’, and F1-F3 keys. The first manual siren system was glitchy and buggy in a multiplayer settings, hence why it was removed. While this new manual siren system is similar to the old manual siren system in PRINCIPLE, the new manual siren system uses a newer algorithm and ‘keys’.

To turn the sirens ON and OFF, use the ‘R‘ key.

To cycle through the available sirens, use the ‘F‘ key. Please note that police vehicles, medic vehicles, and fire department vehicles all use different sirens. A hint at the top right of the screen will tell you what siren type you’ve selected.

To manually play a siren, hold the ‘C‘ key. You can still cycle through the sirens by using the ‘F‘ key.

The new manual siren system is universal for all vehicles, not just mine. It’s very easy to ‘whitelist’ a vehicle with the new manual siren system. You can ‘whitelist’ any vehicle by adding it’s classname(s) in the ‘siren.sqf’ file in my ‘red_sounds.pbo’. From there, you have three categories: red_police_vehicles, red_medic_vehicles, and red_fire_vehicles. Add the classname(s) of the unwhitelisted vehicle into its accompanying category and repack the red_sounds folder. Make sure the classname is in double quotations followed by a comma. The last entry does not require a comma as there is nothing after it. For example:


See how the last entry does not have a comma at the end. If you don’t follow these instructions, the script won’t work and you’ll be faced with script errors.

The police and fire department category three different siren types (wail, yelp, and air-horn). The medical category only has two siren types (wail and yelp). If you don’t like my sirens, you can change them by replacing the .wav files in the ‘red_sounds.pbo’. You have to make sure that the new .wav file matches the name of the old.wav file. For instance, if I want to change the yelp siren for the fire department, I’d replace the ‘yelp.wav’ file in the fire folder of red_sounds with the new ‘yelp.wav’ that I’ve selected. Likewise, if I wanted to change the wail for the police department, all I have to do is replace the wail.wav file in the police folder of red_sounds. You don’t have to worry about defining the length of the siren as the script already does it for you.

Ins‘ = Raise Primary Ladder
Del‘ = Lower Primary Ladder
Home‘ = Raise Secondary Ladder
End‘ = Lower Secondary Ladder
Page Up‘ = Raise Riggers
Page Down‘ = Lower Riggers

Ins‘ = Raise Dumper
Del‘ = Lower Dumper
Numberpad 4‘ = Turn Snow Plow left
Numberpad 6‘ = Turn Snow Plow Right
Numberpad 8‘ = Raise Snow Plow
Numberpad 2‘ = Lower Snow Plow